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Student Visa Overview

International student tuition information is provided through our partner agencies. For more information regarding the international student tuition rate, please contact Mr. Alex Salvo.

 or call (801) 394-1515 and dial 03

International students are a vital part of the Saint Joseph Catholic High School community. The objective of our Global Scholar Program is to increase, with our ESL program, the English fluency of limited English speakers so that they can be successful in the mainstream high school classes in preparation for university. Our global scholars participate in all aspects of the community life; from the classroom where they receive an excellent college preparatory education, to the sports field where they can participate in a full range of 15 interscholastic sports, to the stage where they can act in our renowned musical and dramatic productions. Our remarkable 1:10 teacher to student ratio is the best of all high schools in Utah. Our students enjoy all of this in a caring and disciplined environment where their individual worth and development are foremost in the minds of our school's faculty, administration and staff. Students arrive as capable learners but graduate as courageous leaders prepared for college and success in their future.

Requirements to apply to Saint Joseph Catholic High School:

    If student will graduate from SJCHS:

  • English Proficiency: ITEP-SLATE, TOEFL or other English test. Our school offers ESL classes as support to our international students. The test is a tool for the school and for the correct academic placement.
  • Original Transcripts (You can email an electronic copy to apply to our program, but the original will be required after acceptance to Saint Joseph Catholic.)
  • A personal letter stating why you want to apply to Saint Joseph and study in America (English).
  • A letter of recommendation from a teacher or counselor from your current school.
  • A Skype interview with Saint Joseph's admission officer
  • Registration fee ($200) - please send by international money transfer or pay with a credit card. Please call our Registrar, Denise Wright at 801-394-1515 ext. 223 to pay over the phone. You may also email her at  to discuss other options for payment. 
  • Full application form from our Website

    If student will not graduate from SJCHS--One year exchange program:


  • Send your academic transcripts to our international office
  • Pay $200 application fee
  • Send full application from our website
  • English proficiency test (helpful but not required)


 If you are applying from China, then you must go trough our agency there, EEG (Elite Education Global). All other countries can apply directly to Saint Joseph Catholic. Please contact our school to get the contact in.formation for EEG in China.

Admission decisions are based on the student's academic record, application and admissions evaluation at the school. 


After acceptance:
You will receive a letter from Saint Joseph stating your acceptance to our program. Saint Joseph will send you an I-20 for you to begin the process of your visa (all fees to apply for a visa are responsibility of the students and parents). Tuition and fees must be paid by July 1st to secure your spot in our school. If you are in a waiting list, then you will be required to pay the fees only if a space becomes available.

Student Visas:
After the family has submitted an application and paid the processing and the registration fees, an admission decision will be made. If the student is admitted, an I-20 form will be issued. When the I-20 is issued, the family pays the tuition and other pertinent fees. The student will then present the I-20 form to the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service to obtain student status. Students may also enroll under other legally acceptable avenues.

Students, who do not live with their parents, are required to live with a parent-designated guardian who is at least 25 years of age. Under no circumstances are international students permitted to live alone while at Saint Joseph Catholic High School. Guardians are required to join the applicant at the time of admissions interview so that they understand the conditions of acceptance.

English as a Second Language (ESL):
The courses at Saint Joseph Catholic High School are primarily taught in English. However, for students that are not proficient in English, ESL personnel are available to provide assistance. Additional fees may be required for this service.

Upon acceptance the guidance counselor will contact the previous school to gather information and will pass on his findings to the appropriate faculty and staff through an in-service meeting.

At your arrival to the USA, you will need to bring to our office the following original documents:

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Original transcripts - English certified by an American Embassy or Consulate NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Vaccination Forms (You must have all vaccinations require by the United States of America and State of Utah before you can begin school.)
  • TB Test - conducted in home country, certificate sent to Saint Joseph
  • Proof of Health Insurance by an American Company

If any of these documents are missing or not completed by the first day of school then Saint Joseph Catholic High School reserves the right to withdraw the student from our program and cancel the I-20.


updated 7/20/17